Women in the World: #HopeforSyria

Girls' Globe

Photo Credit: Save the Children, Hedin Halldorsson, European Commission, Flickr Creative Commons Photo Credit: Save the Children, Hedin Halldorsson, European Commission, Flickr Creative Commons

Before dawn creeps over the horizon, a woman wakes to the distant sound of fighting. She turns over to watch her two daughters sleeping peacefully on their small bed. For a moment, life seems serene and unshaken. Her husband was killed in the fighting and she was forced to flee her home country of Syria. Displaced, confused and without a steady income she fights daily for survival. Each day, she fearfully walks with her girls to the market to buy food rations. The likelihood of them being attacked or sexually assaulted is high. Aside from this morning stroll, the majority of their day is spent in their small shelter on the outskirts of town.

Violence is around every corner.

According to the United Nations, 9 million people have been displaced by the war in Syria that began nearly four…

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Hello, I’m Cielo Love

Little cute one xoxoxo

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Cielo Love Cielo Love First Hours-6


Friends, she’s finally here! Meet my new best friend, Cielo Love Parsons. She was born March 21, 2014 at 7:37am, weighing 8lbs and measuring 21 1/2 inches long. She.Is.AWESOME! There really are no words to describe the feeling. I love her. So much. I have so much to share about her birth and our first few weeks with her but for now, I just wanted to share the news of her arrival.  You may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything new to the blog in over a month! Needless to say, I’ve been busy. This little girl is my full-time job now so until I get a better grasp on this stay-at-home-mom thing, the blog will be taking a back seat. I really can’t say when I’ll get back to regular postings but I’ll do my best to check in every so often and CANNOT WAIT to get back to recipes…

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Advice on hunting for a journalism job (and handling being fired)

The Buttry Diary

I’ve rounded up some of my links to help with job-hunting and dealing with being fired.

Most of these links won’t be a huge help to my Thunderdome colleagues because they already have excellent networks and strong digital profiles. But I’m going to reread my own advice because something I know that’s not at the front of my mind might be helpful to me as I move on from Digital First Media. So I share it in case it might help my colleagues or others who’ve been fired (sadly, we have plenty of company).

Tips on landing your next job in digital journalism

Job-hunting advice for journalists selling skills in the digital market

Use digital tools to showcase your career and your work

Confessions (strategies) of a branded journalist (or a journalist with a reputation, if you prefer)

Your digital profile tells people a lot

These posts have more general…

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The Best of Barcelona

Wow 😀

Nowhere To Go But Everywhere


Oh, Barcelona, you confusing little minx you. You’ve got everything going for ya…the beach, Gaudí, incredible seafood and and an equally great night life. You’ve also got hordes and hordes and hordes of tourists. And tourist menus. And employees looking to take advantage of tourists.

Though I am a traveler, I can’t stand tourists. Ok, let me rephrase that. I love fellow travelers and think it’s amazing whenever anyone decides to venture out, but I get extremely overwhelmed in crowds and grumpy when the streets are flooded with people taking pictures and staring at maps. Times Square is my personal hell and sometimes the streets of Barcelona seem to be mini-versions of that hell. What a positive way to start off a post, eh?

Well, despite the hellish bits, I can’t say I’ve ever not enjoyed myself in Barcelona. I hopped up in 2012 with a wonderful travel companion and…

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I might show you guys what I’ve been up too these days! Have a wonderful day xxx






Marilyn Monroe is my role model.
She is the perfect example that it is healthy, beautiful and sexy, having shapes. If only most girls looked up to her instead of paper thin top models, we might be able to reduce young girls newly developed eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.
And girls the right MEN will go for shape and not a pile of bones, of course, there are naturally thin people and they also need to be loved for who they are, but we all have different shapes and we need to show and be proud of instead of change ourselves.
I’m at the front in the battle against eating disorders, do you?
Get in the battle against eating disorders and SHARE this!

My love to all of you.


Saturday’s crazy rush

The moment where you realize that you miss the train when you are already an hour late.


And think ‘annoying’ I am two hours late now, but then find out that you only is a half an hour more delayed that the one hour, you already were delayed.

With rather words, a good sense of adrenaline rush.

Estimates Monday!

Crispy raw vegetables, a happy kitty and delicious hair treatment, hoping everyone’s has it as good as me right now!

Big hugz Xxo

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Sunday afternoon..


So here I am laying down on the couch with my cozy bedding set, watching TV (at the moment Arrow is running) So I wanted to do some more than just laying down today.. but after yesterday’s harsh cleaning of my appartment, I think I needed just one day to do nothing else but just let my thoughts flow away in a fog.. by the way AMAZING picture that illustrates the reality!