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Estimates Monday!

Crispy raw vegetables, a happy kitty and delicious hair treatment, hoping everyone’s has it as good as me right now!

Big hugz Xxo


Please check out..!

Please check out..!

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Sunday afternoon..


So here I am laying down on the couch with my cozy bedding set, watching TV (at the moment Arrow is running) So I wanted to do some more than just laying down today.. but after yesterday’s harsh cleaning of my appartment, I think I needed just one day to do nothing else but just let my thoughts flow away in a fog.. by the way AMAZING picture that illustrates the reality!


My adorable kitty!

My adorable kitty!

His name is Milo, when I first saw I just knew I should be his new mother for life!
Now he is almost 7 months old and still adorable but not as little anymore, though he still is in my eyes!


You know the feeling?

When you start the day…
Thinking of 3 things..

1. Nice warm bath

2. Coffee!

3. Get covered with beautiful make-up, good perfume and a nice outfit.

That’s how I’ll think every morning, just to improve myself as being a beautiful person to me only, cause’ maybe if I think I am, then others will do so too?