I could always use a long and boring speak about me, but that wouldn’t be originally and not me as person and me as human being.

But instead, I would like to introduce myself:

My name is Amanda, I’m a daughter of a father in the danish movie industry and a mother who is a american writer.

I like all animals, and will pay prize to fight for their rights.

I’d care about environment matter.

I have always lived without a lot of money, and always thought of money as a thing and not even more than that.

I love writing like my mother, but I am not that passionate about it as she is.

Yeah and you might thought, why read

all this crap and use time on that?

I would answer, it would never hurt you to look at another human being side of the world.

So who am I, and why do I have a blog?


Every person in the world could always say that the reason is that they are special and finds passion in life, but I don’t believe,that everybody is special, cause’ if everyone was special they won’t try to look like anyone or follow others success. And unlike those kind of persons, I can only follow my own heart and do what I feel like doing, not saying that I’m ‘the only one’ I am differently not, but I am saying that I’m special and I do trust it, that’s why.


2 responses to “About”

  1. awax1217 says :

    I am honored that you read my blog.

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